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Azure Hybrid Identity

Reduce the likelihood of a data breach by 45% with Azure Active Directory.

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Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service that enables your employees to sign in and access internal and external resources including on-premises and cloud apps.


  • Safeguard business information with multi-factor authentication and role-based access.
  • Connect your workforce to the apps they need from almost any location.
  • Simplify access and identity management across your organization with one platform.
  • Stronger security. Overcome vulnerabilities arising from users with multiple credentials, and enable employees to securely share resources outside the corporate firewall.
  • Better productivity. Avoid delays caused by forgotten passwords and separate sign on to each app, to improve workflow for local and remote employees.
  • Easier management. Support a remote workforce, eliminate time-consuming requests for password reset, and maintain multiple identity management systems.

Use Cases:

  • Support a remote or hybrid workforce.
  • Simplify single sign-on. Azure AD supports more than 2,800 integrated software-as-a-service applications.
  • Upgrade and deploy new Windows 10 devices with Windows Autopilot.

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