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Asking yourself How to start your automation journey? Good news: there’s no need to  reinvent the wheel on this one.  Start with LBxNET :: Business Automation HUB so you can capture the best initial opportunities and prove of automation value to your business. 

Why Automate?

Make your business more efficient, agile and profitable, elevate your customers experience and put joy in each of your employee’s workday by taking routine out of it. Automation is already transforming businesses of all sizes around the world and make it central to their strategies. And now it’s your time.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Accomplish Greater Productivity

Elevate Customer Experience

Lower Operating Costs

Ensure Better Compliance

Achieve Better Reliability

Intelligent Automation Components

Do more with less across your business by by integrating key components of intelligent digital transformation: DPA, RPA, AI and Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate AI models into your workflows with a low-code approach. Using capabilities like form processing, object detection, prediction, and text classification, this approach allows for the automation of unstructured inputs.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate processes and exchange data with legacy, on-premises software that is still essential in many enterprises. This UI-based approach turns manual tasks into automated workflows by recording and playing back human driven interaction with software systems that don’t support API-based automation.

DevOps / IT Automation

Automate workflows across the variety of modern cloud services that workers use every day. This API-based approach lets you automate workflows between applications and services, sync files, get notifications, collect data, and perform other common tasks.

Intelligent Cloud

Understand and improve your process by discovering process bottlenecks in order  to create time saving automations.

LBxNET makes it super easy to give potential customers an all inclusive, first-hand experience of my products. It’s a no-brainer for intelligent digital transformation!

Maria Salatino

Founder, ArteDiTeresa

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